Working together to meet your requirements

Request a no obligation quote

You can request a quote directly from this website by completing our online form or you can phone us on 03 349 6633.

Infomation you need to provide

Before we can quote for your labels we need to know the following technical details

  • The type of surface your label will be applied to. (i.e. glass, plastic, paper/cardboard etc)
  • exposure to sunlight, moisture, solvents or other factors,
  • being used in conjunction with frozen product, or likely to be frozen
  • the number of colours required, overgloss or laminating needed.
  • extra features such as embossing, foil and type of finish,
  • the size and shape.

We also need to know

  • how the labels will be applied (machine or manual, or needed in a dispenser),
  • quantity required
  • barcodes and or numbering

At this stage, we can give you a price estimate.  But we can’t confirm a final price until we see your finished label design, so we know exactly what is involved in terms of printing.

Designing your label

At First Label, we do some design work ourselves, or you can use your own designer.
Once your design is completed, you (or your designer) need to send us the artwork, in the correct format.  (See information for designers)

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