Designers Information

A word about artwork:

We operate in an Apple Macintosh environment and because of the system requirements we are unable to accept some file formats.

We are unable to process files in the following formats.
Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, and similar word processing packages
(raw files for quoting purposes are acceptable)

Note: PDF files are acceptable for quoting purposes or viewing a document, however we need the file in the programme the document was created in for printing purposes.
Design Industry Programmes that are Suitable:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS3 – this is our preferred format
  • Freehand (to version MX)
  • Indesign CS3
  • Photoshop (CS3) TIFF / BMP / JPEG / EPS linked files (Note: Colour images must be CMYK – RGB and LAB colours will need to be converted).
  • LineArt/Bitmap at 1200 dpi; Colour/Greyscale 300 dpi (Note: In some cases files may be requested at higher resolution or in vector format to obtain the best quality result)
  • Corel Draw (Note: export file to Adobe Illustrator (ai. format) with all text in paths/curves. Supply any attached files separately.)

Accepted Media

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